Legal Industry


The Entertainment Industry INDUSTRY VERTICALS = CONTENT, TECHNOLOGY, MEDIA, EVENTS Brief For years we have been creating compelling content and technology solutions for top entertainment companies and distribution outlets. Maykr has always served the entertainment industry with solutions ranging from show graphics to UX/UI [...]




The International Drone Expo INDUSTRY VERTICALS = TECHNOLOGY, AVIATION, MEDIA, MANUFACTURING, EVENTS Brief Maykr was given the job to launch a new brand from scratch and market an international event. When a new technology becomes the hottest discussion in the news its time for [...]



NuMask INDUSTRY VERTICAL = MEDICAL DEVICES Brief NuMask is a revolutionary air pathway medical device that Maykr was tasked to help market and sell. When you have a great product its time to let the world know your open for business. From trade shows [...]

The Belamar Hotel


Belamar Hotel INDUSTRY VERTICALS = LAND DEVELOPMENT, HOSPITALITY, EVENTS Brief The developers of the Belamar Hotel needed a marketing and design firm to make their new boutique hotel the place to stay. Maykr answered the call with branding, marketing, and collaterals delivered with style [...]

Blue Holdings


Blue Holdings INDUSTRY VERTICALS = FASHION, E-COMMERCE Brief Joe's Jeans, Taverniti, Antik Denim, and Yanuk, are some of the top denim companies in the world and all were under the Blue Holdings created by Paul Guez the creator of the famous Sasson. Maykr was [...]

Franklin Studios


Franklin Studios INDUSTRY VERTICALS = ARCITECTURE, DESIGN Brief Franklin Studios designed some of the coolest nightclubs and restaurants in the vertical. Maykr was brought in the fold to push the marketing and technology to the next level. Franklin Studios needed to document the great [...]



Legal Industry INDUSTRY VERTICALS = PROFESSIONAL, LAW, CLIENT SERVICES Brief The law is a very important professional service for individuals and business with tremendous competition for clients. Faced with fierce advisories a plan of action is a necessity. The difference between winning and losing [...]

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